Loft Conversion Thatcham

Loft Conversion Thatcham

Loft Conversion Company in Thatcham

A Thatcham loft conversion is a great way to create more space in your home. When you convert an attic, you essentially turn it into another floor of your house. Most attics are around 5 meters long and 3 meters wide, so they can be converted into usable space without much trouble. 


This is because loft conversions can sometimes require changes to other parts of your house as well as additional services such as drainage, water and electricity supply, and heating. Here are some tips on getting building regulations approval for a loft conversion:

1. Check with your local Thatcham authority whether planning permission is required for loft conversions and if so, how long it will take them to process an application. You may need to submit drawings with your application showing the proposed layout of the roof space (including insulation measurements), windows or doors that will be installed, furniture plans, and any other details required by the local authority (such as dimensions).

2. Make sure you have all relevant plans drawn up by an architect or structural engineer so that they can be submitted with your application (if required). If there's no requirement for drawings then keep copies at home in case you need them later!


Making sure you find the right Thatcham company like us who will do all the necessary work can help make things easier and ensure that your home remains safe throughout the process! The first step in any Thatcham loft conversion is to figure out what you want to use your new space for. If you're adding a second bedroom, then it's important that you choose a loft conversion style that will allow for this. If you want more than just one additional room in your home then it's best to consider what other uses the new area could serve. For example, if your house has two stories but only one bathroom on the ground floor then adding another bathroom will allow both floors to share access without having to go outside each time someone needs something from upstairs!


If you're converting your Thatcham loft into a bedroom or other living space, it's crucial to make sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. That's where insulation comes in. There are two kinds of insulation: blown-in fibers and batt-type. Blown-in fiber is the most common form of insulation used in homes across the UK.


Here are some tips for keeping your loft conversion safe:

1. Before you start, check the building regulations for your area. They might require you to have a professional contractor do the work or to include some specific features like fire alarms or disabled access ramps.

2. Check with your local fire department about how much time should pass between inspections of their work on a loft conversion project. They'll likely require an inspection after each stage is completed, so make sure those inspections are scheduled far enough apart that any repairs can be made before moving on to another stage of work!




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