Loft Conversion Beaconsfield

Loft Conversion Beaconsfield

Why Convert your Loft in Beaconsfield?

In most cases, a nicely converted loft will add a lot of value to your home, will be much less untidy and disruptive than a typical expansion, will allow you to keep your valuable outside space, and will most likely not require planning permission.

When moving is not an option, converting your loft is a cost-effective means of expanding your house. Assume you intend to transform the space without regard for the necessity for planning permissions, which means you may have to fit your design ideas inside the current rooftop area available. Loft Conversions Company's usual projects include adding an extension to your home or converting a loft space. We can also help you avoid the high costs of moving houses, not to mention the stress, by transforming your loft into a fully functional room of your choice.

Our Process Before Construction

In our process, architectural drawings and structural calculations come after an initial survey and design. We will then submit a quote depending on the plan. Once you have approved our quotation, our architects will apply for planning permission, begin construction, and eventually complete your new loft conversion.

The Eight stages In Our Loft Conversion Building Process

Stage 1: Scaffolding is installed to get access to the loft.

Stage 2: Timber is created by installing structural beams into party walls. front roof elevation with dwarf wall and floor support

Stage 3: Construct the dormer and install the Velux windows.

Stage 4: Complete roof tiling on both the new dormer and the front roof elevation.

Stage 5: Build interior partitions, doorways, and ceilings.

Stage 6: Install double-glazed windows and insulation on the floor and walls.

Stage 7: Construct a new staircase connecting the first and second floors.

Stage 8: Plasterboard the entire loft, and finish with a plaster skim.

Our team is always available to go over any area of the project in further depth.

Why Choose Us?

We like to educate our apprentices and mentor our younger contractors as they learn and qualify alongside highly skilled professionals. We have a dedicated team of around 20 highly competent employees. We are all working hard to keep our reputation for producing high-quality conversions. Furthermore, our company will guarantee that the project will be completed following your preferred design specifications! If you've been thinking about loft conversions and adding more living space to your home, Loft Conversions Company can help.


Loft conversions are a terrific way to add an extra room to your home. However, many individuals miss a critical aspect of fire safety. It is quite unlikely that you, your family, and your home will be secure!

Smoke Detectors- Building codes require the installation of smoke alarms/detectors in the loft.

• Every story of your home should have at least one alarm.

• Each of these smoke detectors should be linked together.

• Smoke alarms should be installed far away from the kitchen and radiators.

Fire Exit Doors

The installation of fire doors in place of internal doors is one of the most significant adjustments to loft conversion fire standards. According to the most recent fire safety regulations, every door facing the approved escape route from the loft conversion must be fire-resistant for at least 20 minutes. Even if you have an escape window on your roof, fire doors must be erected.

Escape Routes

A safe escape path from the loft to the exit door on the ground floor is required by building codes for a loft conversion. To ensure the fire safety of your loft space, ensure that the shielded corridor has at least 30 minutes of passive fire protection. Verify that the partition walls along the escape path are carefully examined to ensure that they comply with fire requirements.

Loft Stairs

Building a new story with a fire resistance of at least half an hour is critical for safeguarding your family in the event of a fire. Additional steps leading to the new story must fulfill the standards by continuing any existing staircase. If the loft steps are separate from your existing staircase, make sure the fire entrance is at the bottom of the stairs.


Do you want to make significant home upgrades soon? Choosing high-end loft conversions is the key to adding a wonderful dimension to your home. Converting your attic into a new living room may raise the charm and value of your home. Most loft or attic conversions do not require planning clearance. This is due to the fact that they often fall under allowed development rights. However, approval is required when modifying or increasing the roof space above the prescribed restrictions and limits. In addition, certain building rules must be followed to guarantee that your job is done safely.

What can we do for your Property in Beaconsfield?

If you would like to discuss the ways in which a Loft Conversion could enhance your Beaconsfield home, call us on 0208 1020 675 or email to ask us any questions.