Loft Conversion Gerrards Cross

Loft Conversion Gerrards Cross

Gerrards Cross Loft Conversion Specialists

Loft Conversions Company manages every aspect of loft conversion from drawing architectural plans right through to completion of all finishing trades, leaving the completed Loft Conversion ready for decoration. As Gerrards Cross's leading Loft Conversion specialist, we have been transforming homes for over two decades building hundreds of fantastic living spaces to suit your lifestyle and needs. With us, you will get a cost-effective Loft Conversion that will add value to your property in Gerrards Cross.

Loft Conversion Company in Gerrards Cross

The specialist at LOFT CONVERSIONS COMPANY carries out the work for loft conversions and making your complete room look modern. Some individuals want to grow their families but cannot afford a bigger home. Your home will look the best with a loft conversion, and you can customize it. The specialists will be in charge of the complete process design, as well as architectural drawings, structural calculations, planning permission, and construction.

Why Choose us?

Loft Conversions Company is one of London's leading Loft Conversion Specialists, seeking to make each loft conversion project hassle-free and straightforward. In the 1990s, we began as a family-run firm before rebranding as Loft Conversions Company. Because of the positive word of mouth produced by our work, our company has grown from strength to strength. Due to our reputation for attention to detail and personal, genuine service, our loft conversions are in high demand, and we are constantly growing and improving our business. We prefer to train our apprentices and mentor our younger contractors as they learn and qualify alongside highly experienced trained professionals. Furthermore, we have a dedicated team of more than 20 highly competent employees.

Our Loft Conversion Process

We try to keep the Loft Conversion process as simple as possible from beginning to end by keeping you informed and involved at all times. In our procedure, architectural drawings and structural calculations come after an initial survey and design. Following that, we will provide a quote based on the plan. Once you are satisfied with our quotation, our architects will apply for planning approval, begin your building work, and eventually complete your new loft conversion. Our team is always available to discuss any area of the project in further depth.

Why Choose Us for Your Gerrards Cross Loft Conversion?

In London, our company has converted hundreds of lofts, saving the owners the cost and inconvenience of transferring after settling in the area. We can assist you with paperwork if needed because we are highly aware of the town's planning department regulations. We don't need to outsource any of the conversion because, aside from being a house builder, we are the leading Loft Conversion Specialist in London. To uphold our strict high standards, our in-house team will complete every stage of the project. You should choose us because properties in this area tend to be larger, and you must be able to convert your loft into a more spacious hip-to-gable conversion. However, before advising on a particular type of conversion, we always make an effort to determine what our clients want to achieve from loft conversion, and we will assist you accordingly.

Get In Touch With Us

Contact our team to schedule a free site survey and start the ball moving on your project. Our experts will provide you with a lot of information and understanding of the planning process for loft ideas, loft conversion costs, loft conversion types, and many other things. Kindly give us a call at 0208 1020 675 or send us an email at


Many homeowners convert lofts into study rooms, prayer rooms, and playrooms, among other things. However, did you know that a loft is a fantastic location for an additional bedroom? When compared to the cost of completing home improvements, transforming your loft into an extra bedroom will almost certainly pay for itself twice over.


A loft conversion is your best choice and the most cost-effective way to add value to your house in Gerrards Cross. If you want a job that will not cost too much, create too much disturbance around the house, or take too long to complete, a loft conversion is the best thing to do. Converting a loft is not only simple, but it is also an effective way to add value to your home in Gerrard's Cross when you decide to sell. Lofts provide more space, which is what most people want when purchasing a property. This implies that if you decide to relocate and sell your home, you will get bids practically immediately.


• Your current location

• Conversion size

• Loft conversion design

• Build and material quality


The average cost of a Loft Conversion in Gerrards Cross is between £40,000 to £90,000. (in 2022) The most common type of Loft Conversion is the dormer as it adds the most space and best light to your property. A loft conversion will not only give you extra space but also enhance your living space on your property. A loft conversion price depends on many factors such as type of the conversion, type of the roof you have, type of the lighting you want in the loft, the type of windows required, the size of the project, fixtures and fittings, nature of the exterior, client's personal requirements and the site's location. If you want to know the exact cost of your Loft Conversion in Gerrards Cross, you will need to book a site survey or send us your drawings and our loft specialist will review them and get back to you with a quotation.

What can we do for your Property in Gerrards Cross?

If you would like to discuss the ways in which a Loft Conversion could enhance your Gerrards Cross home, call us on 0208 1020 675 or email to ask us any questions.