Loft Conversion Ruislip

Loft Conversion Ruislip

Welcome to our loft conversion services, where we turn your attic space into stunning and functional living areas. With, over 20 years of experience we are proud to be Ruislips specialists in loft conversions. Our expertise lies in integrating loft spaces into your existing home creating a personalized environment that perfectly suits your evolving lifestyle and needs.

Our Process for Loft Conversions

Architectural Design; To begin your loft conversion project our team of architects and designers will create a custom blueprint that aligns with your vision, lifestyle and the unique architectural features of your home.

Construction; Our trained construction team will transform these plans into reality ensuring that your new loft seamlessly blends with the rest of your house while providing you with additional living space.

Finishing Touches; We believe in paying attention to every detail. Our specialized tradespeople will take care of all finishing works such as plumbing, electrical work and carpentry to ensure that your loft conversion is fully completed and ready, for decoration.

By choosing us you not gain a room but also enjoy a cost effective solution that significantly increases the value of your property in Ruislip.

Why Should You Consider Us for Your Loft Conversion?

Experience; With, over two decades of expertise in the field of loft conversions we have successfully crafted living spaces in Ruislip. Our extensive experience has allowed us to refine our skills and knowledge with each project we undertake.

Quality; We prioritize maintaining the quality across all aspects of our work. We never compromise on delivering excellence ensuring that your loft conversion is executed to the standards

Cost Effectiveness; Opting for our loft conversions provides you with a budget solution for expanding your living space without the need to undergo the expenses and inconveniences associated with moving houses.

Value Enhancement; By choosing a loft conversion you not enhance your living standards. Also significantly increase the value of your property. This not offers a return on investment but also adds long term value to your home.

Place Your Trust, in Ruislips Leading Loft Conversion Specialists to create an extension of your existing home. Our dedicated team will create a space where you can unwind be productive or enjoy leisure activities. Get in touch with us today to embark on your loft conversion journey.

About Us.

Loft Conversions Company, in Ruislip at Loft Conversions Company we specialize in transforming the neglected areas of your home into practical spaces. As experts in loft conversions we understand that every home is unique which is why our designs are always tailored to your needs. Our custom made plans for loft conversions are carefully crafted to meet your requirements eliminating the need for modifications or additions on.

Why Choose Us?

Throughout the years our top priority has been providing homeowners in Ruislip and its surrounding areas with a solution that allows them to gain living space without compromising the character of their property. If you're one of the 30,000 residents of Ruislip who appreciate its captivating Tudor style architecture you've come across the company for your loft conversion project.

Loft conversions offer more than a room. They enable you to utilize spaces by transforming them into livable areas without encroaching upon your garden or driveway. A executed loft conversion can also improve the energy efficiency of your home resulting in savings on energy bills. Moreover according to the Nationwide Building Societys research findings a loft conversion has the potential to increase your property value by over 20% making it a wise choice, for homeowners considering resale opportunities.

Things to Think About When Considering a Loft Conversion, in Ruislip

Converting your loft can be a prospect. Its important to remember that not all lofts are suitable for conversion. Before diving into a loft conversion project take the following factors into consideration;

1. Check the length of your ceiling joist and ridge timber. They should not exceed 2.2 meters in total.

2. Consider the pitch angle of your roof. If its 40° or more you'll require floor area for a square footage.

3. Take into account any chimneys, ventilation pipes or other fixed obstacles that may pose accessibility limitations down the line.

4. The shape of your end beams will determine the extent of work needed to transform your loft into a space.

Once you've thoroughly assessed these factors and have everything in order you'll be ready to embark on a lifestyle change.

Our Process for Loft Conversions

Once you've taken care of these considerations the next step is obtaining documents such as planning permission and a building certificate. Rest assured that our team will guide you through every stage of the loft conversion process. Our expert advisors will assist with council applications. Provide accurate cost estimates.

Upon receiving approval our skilled builders will work efficiently to ensure your loft conversion, in Ruislip is completed promptly and upholds high quality standards.

We will collaborate with you to design an easily accessible loft that perfectly complements your home. Lets take an overview of our process, for converting lofts;

1. Removing the plaster ceiling. Carefully cutting out the timber floor.

2. Installing high quality insulation for both the walls and floors along with energy glazed windows.

3. Constructing a dormer incorporating Velux windows and completing all tilework.

4. Adding partitions, ceilings and a brand new staircase for access.

5. Applying plastered boards to cover all walls and ceilings in the converted space before giving them a fresh coat of white paint.

Different Types of Loft Conversions in Ruislip

We offer types of loft conversions tailored to your preferences;

Velux loft conversion; Minimal construction involved, maximizing light through roof windows.

Dormer conversion; Provides headroom and floor space.
Hip to gable conversion; Extends your roof for usable area.

L shaped conversion; Allows for versatile room configurations.

Mansard conversion; Offers roof remodeling.

A Safe and Convenient Loft Conversion Experience

Your safety and convenience are paramount to us. We prioritize;
Holding licenses and insurance coverage as a company.
Conducting consultations with you to understand your needs, goals and budget before commencing work.

Ensuring proper ventilation systems are installed along, with running wires through conduits while adhering to safety guidelines.

Let us make your loft conversion journey hassle free while delivering results!Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have a party wall agreement, for a loft conversion?

Yes obtaining a party wall agreement is essential as it is a binding contract that allows your neighbor in Ruislip to undertake construction that may impact your property.

Are planning permits required for a loft conversion?
Indeed you will need to obtain planning permission from your authority. Typically the application process takes eight weeks. Rest assured we will guide you through this process.

Should structural weaknesses be checked before proceeding with a loft conversion?

Absolutely! It's crucial to inspect for any weaknesses such as damage to walls or floors or signs of roof instability before commencing with a loft conversion.

Is it mandatory to install an emergency escape window in a loft conversion?

Yes all loft conversions must include an emergency escape window. In Ruislip the requirement specifies that the window should have a width of 450mm and height of 600mm.

By choosing Loft Conversions Company you're not enhancing your home. Also investing in an enriched lifestyle. Get in touch with us today. Embark on a journey, towards your dream loft conversion!


Loft Conversion Company is the leading loft conversion specialist in Ruislip offering a full range of loft conversion services, from planning permission to decoration. If you are considering converting your loft into a living space, we will help you to achieve your goals, taking care of every aspect of the process from initial creation of the plans through to completion of all finishing trades. By choosing us you will get a cost-effective and professional loft conversion that will add value to your Ruislip property. Whether you need an additional bedroom, office or another bathroom, your new Loft Conversion offers a natural extension to your existing family home.

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A Loft Conversion is the quickest way of increasing the amount of living space in your Ruislip home. Did you know recent research undertaken by Nationwide Building Society has shown that a Loft Conversion can add over 20% to the value of your property? Moreover, it can improve your home’s energy efficiency too. All that extra insulation will surely bring down the cost of your energy bills. By converting your loft, it makes use of “unused” space to create an extra bedroom or bathroom, rather than eating into your garden. Overall, it costs less per square metre to convert a loft rather than build a rear or side extension, as most of the structure needed is already in place. Most of the loft conversions can be carried out without the need for planning permission if they don’t exceed a certain size. (40 cubic metres for a terraced property and 50 cubic metres for a detached house).


Our process includes an initial survey and design followed by architectural drawings and structural calculations. Here are the eight stages in our Loft Conversion Building Process:

  • Stage 1: Scaffolding is erected to get access to the loft
  • Stage 2: Structural beams are installed into party walls to create timber floor support and front roof elevation with dwarf wall.
  • Stage 3: Build the dormer structure and install Velux windows.
  • Stage 4: Finish roof tiling to both new dormer and front roof elevation
  • Stage 5: Build interior partitions, doorways, and ceilings.
  • Stage 6: Install double glazed windows together with floor and wall insulation.
  • Stage 7: Install new staircase between first floor and loft.
  • Stage 8: Plasterboard all the loft and complete with plaster skim.
  • Our team is ready to always discuss any aspect of the project in more detail.

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How much does it cost to have a conversion, in Ruislip?

Loft conversions are a way to increase your living space boost the value of your property and improve the functionality of your home. However many homeowners often wonder about the expenses involved in getting a loft conversion.

Estimating the Cost of a Loft Conversion in Ruislip

Based on 2022 pricing the average price range for a loft conversion in Ruislip is approximately £40,000 to £90,000. The popular choice among homeowners is the dormer loft conversion since it provides a balance of extra space optimal lighting and overall enhancement for your property.

Nevertheless the final cost of your loft conversion can vary depending on factors;

Type of Conversion; The cost will differ based on whether you choose a dormer, hip to gable mansard or Velux loft conversion.

Roof Structure; Your current roof structure can impact both the conversion process and its associated expenses.

Lighting Requirements; The complexity and type of lighting you desire for your converted loft can influence the cost.

Window Needs; The size and type of windows needed will also play a role, in determining the price.

Project Size; Naturally larger loft conversions tend to incur costs.

The quality and customization of fixtures and fittings will contribute to the cost.

If you plan to make any changes, to the exterior of your property it may increase the project expenses.

Specific design preferences or material requests can have an impact on the price.

The accessibility and location of your property can also influence the project costs.

To obtain an estimate for your loft conversion in Ruislip we recommend scheduling a site survey with us or sharing your drawings. Our loft conversion specialist will carefully assess them. Provide you with a quotation without any obligations.

Remember a loft conversion is not an expense but a valuable investment, in your property. Get in touch with us today to embark on your loft conversion journey!

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Ruislip Property

Are you looking to revitalize your Ruislip residence? If you're, in need of living space a home office or a peaceful personal retreat a loft conversion can be the solution.

At Ruislip Loft Conversion Specialists we are dedicated to enhancing your home to its potential. We guide you seamlessly through the loft conversion process from the consultation to the final project completion ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Our Commitment to You;

Expert Advice; With our years of experience we are here to provide expert guidance on the loft conversion options for your home. We tailor our recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget.

Customized Design; Take advantage of our design consultations where we sit down together discuss your vision, requirements and budget. The result is a design that captures what you envision.

Superior Craftsmanship; Our skilled team ensures that your loft conversion is crafted with precision and seamlessly integrates into your existing home structure while providing an invigorating living space.

Customer Satisfaction; Your satisfaction is our priority. We strive to deliver a service that exceeds expectations in every aspect.

Curious, about how a loft conversion can unlock possibilities for your home?

Feel free to reach out to us at 0208 1020 675. Send us an email if you have any queries.

If you're interested, in an on site survey and design consultation kindly complete the form on the right hand side. Our committed team will promptly respond to you. Lets collaborate and bring beauty into your Ruislip home by transforming it through conversions one step, at a time.