Loft Conversion Stanmore

Loft Conversion Stanmore

Stanmore Loft Conversion Specialists

Loft Conversions Company manages every aspect of loft conversion from drawing architectural plans right through to completion of all finishing trades, leaving the completed Loft Conversion ready for decoration. As Stanmore's leading Loft Conversion specialist, we have been transforming homes for over two decades building hundreds of fantastic living spaces to suit your lifestyle and needs. With us, you will get a cost-effective Loft Conversion that will add value to your property in Stanmore.


Loft Conversions in Stanmore

If you're a resident of Stanmore considering a loft conversion, you might find yourself questioning the safety of such a project. Rest assured, loft conversions are not only an excellent solution to expand your living area, but they're also incredibly safe. By extending your home vertically and crafting an extra floor, loft conversions are meticulously constructed with safety at the forefront. With sturdy new walls enveloping the additional space, you can enjoy your enhanced home with complete peace of mind. A loft conversion in Stanmore is more than just a home improvement; it's a secure and efficient way to maximise your living space.

Our Loft Conversion Process

1. Embarking on the Journey: Our first step is to erect scaffolding, granting safe and efficient access to the loft area. This marks the commencement of our transformation journey.

2. Constructing the Blueprint: This stage involves the installation of structural beams into the party walls. These act as a strong foundation for timber floor support and front roof elevation along with a dwarf wall.

3. Designing the Skyline: In this phase, we construct the dormer structure and introduce Velux windows, carefully designed to let natural light flood into your new space.

4. Crowning the Structure: We now move onto perfecting the aesthetics by completing the roof tiling on both the new dormer and front roof elevation, making sure your loft stands out in the neighbourhood.

5. Crafting the Interior Landscape: We proceed to build the interior partitions, doorways, and ceilings, each customized to your unique specifications and preferences.

6. Ensuring Comfort and Efficiency: This stage includes the installation of double-glazed windows along with floor and wall insulation. These additions ensure that your loft is as energy-efficient as it is beautiful.

7. Connecting the Spaces: We then carve a seamless path between your existing living area and the new loft with the installation of a new staircase.

8. Perfecting the Finish: Lastly, we plasterboard the entire loft and give it a final plaster skim, leaving it ready for the decoration of your choice.

Our expert team is always available to discuss any details about your project, answering any queries and guiding you through each step of this transformative journey. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a loft conversion that aligns perfectly with your vision.




The average cost of a Loft Conversion in Stanmore is between £40,000 to £90,000 (in 2022). Dormer conversions are particularly popular, offering an optimum blend of space and natural light enhancement.

However, a loft conversion does more than just provide extra room; it significantly improves the quality of your living environment. The overall price of your loft conversion is influenced by a variety of elements such as the specific style of conversion, the existing roof type, your preferred lighting options, the kind of windows needed, the scale of the undertaking, the fixtures and fittings, the external features, your bespoke requirements, and, of course, the location of the property.

To get an accurate quotation for your loft conversion in Stanmore, it would be advisable to arrange a site survey or forward your drawings to us. Our loft specialists will then diligently review your submission and provide you with a tailored quote. This personalized approach ensures you'll get the most out of your investment, making your loft conversion dreams come true.

What can we do for your Property in Stanmore?

If you would like to discuss the ways in which a Loft Conversion could enhance your Stanmore home, call us on 0208 1020 675 or email to ask us any questions. For a free site survey and design consultation please fill out the form on the right and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.