Loft Conversion Kingston

Loft Conversion Kingston

Kingston Loft Conversion Specialists

Loft Conversions Company manages every aspect of loft conversion from drawing architectural plans right through to completion of all finishing trades, leaving the completed Loft Conversion ready for decoration. As Kingston's leading Loft Conversion specialist, we have been transforming homes for over two decades building hundreds of fantastic living spaces to suit your lifestyle and needs. With us, you will get a cost-effective Loft Conversion that will add value to your property in Kingston.

Do you want to convert your Loft in Kingston? 

Do you need a Kingston loft conversion? However, purchasing a larger property in the region may be out of your price range. However, the Kingston area's space problems may necessitate major alterations to your household structure. Have you considered a Kingston loft conversion, for example, if you don't have enough storage space at home? So, if you live in Kingston and want to make additional room in your home. A house addition may be out of the question, but a loft conversion may be a more practical option. So, if you want to make your home a little easier and safer to walk, take a look at our Kingston loft conversions.

Unparalleled experience in Loft Conversions across Kingston 

Our competence allows us to handle a wide range of Kingston loft conversions. Many of us use our loft conversions for everything from music practice to a study room. We have the means and knowledge to transform your loft into anything you want it to be. Instead of simply taking over your Kingston loft conversion, we sit down with you and listen to your ideas. Then, we will collaborate with a competent architect to plan and arrange the whole service that you require, including any additions. If you want to get started on a loft conversion, we are more than pleased to take the first step and determine what your loft conversion requires.

Why Choose Loft Conversions Company?

The process begins with a free, no-obligation quote, which you can schedule right away. Loft conversions in Kingston by Loft Conversions Company provide you with additional high-quality space while requiring less effort, worry, and paperwork. Our company handles all documentation, including any plans and licenses needed to execute your Kingston loft conversion project. The timeframe we quote is the time it will take to complete the job, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you'll have to deal with little inconvenience to acquire your brand-new room.

Full design to build service

We have a skilled construction team with years of combined experience. We aim to keep the Loft Conversion process as simple as possible from beginning to end by keeping you informed and involved at all times. In our process, an initial survey and design are followed by architectural drawings and structural calculations. Following that, we will provide a quote based on the drawings. Once you are satisfied with our quote, our architects will apply for planning approval, begin your building work, and eventually complete your new loft conversion.

Our team is always available to discuss any area of the project in further depth. In Kingston, we provide a variety of Loft Conversion types such as dormer, mansard, hip-to-gable, L-shaped, and Velux loft conversions. Schedule a meeting today for more details. Call us at 0208 1020 675 or email to ask any questions.


A Loft Conversion is a versatile type of home renovation. There are different types of Loft Conversions in Kingston that the Loft Conversions Company offers to help meet the different standards of our clients and builds their home.

The most common type of Loft Conversion is the Dormer. It has different styles like the TwoDormer or Flat Roof Dormer. A Dormer Loft Conversion adds a structure to your pitched roof, which will serve as your new loft area. Additionally, it will have windows and doors built along the process to make it fully functional and practical.

If your space permits, a larger kind of Dormer is the L Shaped Loft Conversion. It will add two box-like structures to give you even more space! This type of Loft Conversion is perfect for period properties, like Edwardian or Victorian homes, in Kingston.

Another type of Loft Conversion suitable to period properties is the Mansard Loft Conversion. This allows you to keep the charm and beautiful proportions of your home.

A Hip to Gable Loft Conversion creates a gable, a vertical wall, to open roof space that will allow the creation of a new loft space in your Kingston home. This is the best option for End-of-Terraced homes in Kingston.

A more practical and quick fix is done through an Internal Loft Conversion like the Velux Loft Conversion. If your home in Kingston has dead space on the roof or you have an unutilized attic, a Velux can reinvent your loft to become more functional mainly by adding windows and skylights.


Your loft should be able to serve you efficiently and enhance your home. What’s good about getting a Loft Conversion in Kingston is that your space is totally customizable! If you need extra space for a growing family, or you’re wanting to accommodate guests, you can convert your loft into an extra bedroom. If you want a space for productivity, your loft can become a home office or study room for kids. If you’re looking to have a cool and fun entertaining space, your loft can become a minibar and multifunctional space or a home theater. Your loft in Kingston can become a space for fun or focus – it will be a space that will improve your life and help you with your needs.


Furniture for lofts and attics with limited room sizes should be lightweight, foldable, and adjustable to make the most use of the space. Sleeper sofas are a great way to maximise space as they can easily fold out into beds or loungers when needed. Using lightweight and compact furniture, you can create a functional living space in your loft conversion without overcrowding it.


Windows for loft conversions can range from skylights to traditional casement windows. Skylights and solar tubes provide natural light and ventilation, while casement windows give privacy and security. If preferred, you can install larger picture windows in your loft conversion for an open, airy feel. Windows should be chosen based on their functionality and the aesthetic appeal they offer; it may be best to select a combination of different types to get the most out of your loft conversion. Additionally, ensure that any window installation meets all relevant building regulations to ensure the safety of those living in the space.


For loft conversions, mineral wool roll or blanket insulation is most suitable as it can be easily cut and laid between joists and rafters in awkward shapes. Additionally, you may consider using spray foam insulation if your loft has irregular shapes or hard-to-reach areas. It’s essential to ensure that all insulation is installed correctly and meets building regulations; an experienced professional can help with this process.

What can we do for your Property in Kingston?

If you would like to discuss the ways in which a Loft Conversion could enhance your Kingston home, call us on 0208 1020 675 or email to ask us any questions. For a free site survey and design consultation please fill out the form on the right and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.