Loft Conversion Flackwell Heath

Loft Conversion Flackwell Heath

Why Convert your Loft in Flackwell Heath?

Loft Conversions Company has executed the design and construction of over 400 projects for over 20 years. Our work takes us all over Flackwell Heath and the surrounding area of London. Our unique approach is entirely focused on your requirements. You can hire our team to project manage the entire process, from initial design through build and completion, right down to the last coat of paint. Every step of the straightforward stage process allows you to make informed decisions. 

Types of Loft Conversions


Velux loft conversions are usually the cheapest and quickest to build since they provide a traditional loft conversion room without changing the curve of the roof. You might be able to build your Velux conversion as a permitted development if your home is not listed or located in a conservation area, saving you the time-consuming procedure of requesting planning approval.


One of the most popular forms of conversion is the Dormer loft conversion. When constructing this type of conversion, Dormer boxes are attached to the roof to provide light from the windows and a little extra headroom where the Dormer meets the roof. They can be constructed more quickly and affordably than a Mansard or Hip to Gable conversion, and the design complements almost any property. Since many homeowners equate roof Dormers with loft conversions, this form of loft conversion is what people envision when thinking about undertaking a conversion project.


Hip-to-gable loft conversions are popular among owners of detached and semi-detached homes with pitched roofs. A hip-to-gable conversion requires cutting through the ends of the current roof and turning the sloping walls vertically. The altered roof form provides additional headroom in the loft area and typically results in a bigger, more welcoming stairway. If the space will be used frequently, such as a family member's bedroom or home office, rather than a room that will only be used infrequently, such as a guest bedroom, we advise these loft conversions.



A Mansard loft conversion entails opening up one or more sides of the roof and replacing it with two walls. While the angles aren't nearly 90 degrees, the industry standard is approximately 70 degrees, so the internal area is more of a standard square than the triangular shape associated with loft conversions. Mansard loft conversions have the most rooms of any loft conversion form. Because of the size, you can add extra bedrooms or enjoy one larger room.

Our Process Loft Conversions Company will come to your Flackwell Heath property and take precise measurements of the loft area before discussing feasibility and options with you. If you like what you see and are satisfied with our loft conversion quotation, the construction of your loft conversion will only take a few weeks after planning permission and all other permits are obtained. To know more, contact our team now. Call us at 0208 1020 675 or email us at


A loft conversion is designed to add value to your house, either by creating more living space or by increasing its resale value. When feasible, it is always better to convert it to a dwelling area rather than retain it as a storage room. If this is something that interests you, you will see that for whatever needs you may have, there will be a sort of loft for you. You'll be delighted to be using the extra room in your attic for anything other than storage. Your home will acquire more rooms and purposes, as well as a rise in value if you decide to sell it later. First, determine whether your home is suitable for a loft conversion. If your house is in a conservation area or is classified, converting your loft will be more challenging. You will require planning authorization in these circumstances. You should also examine your current roof. Is it possible to convert it? Is there adequate loft space? Is the roof structure appropriate for a loft conversion? Loft conversions entail many technical concerns; thus it is critical to consult with a structural engineer and an architect as soon as feasible. Many loft conversions may not require planning approval if the roof structure is not affected, which may fall within the allowed development.


If the roof slope does not meet your conversion requirements, there are options to modify and install dormers to make it more comfortable to live in, with appropriate headroom and space. A hipped roof may be converted into vertical space for your loft. Many people like the uniqueness and comfort of a slanted-roof loft conversion. Finally, it is an issue of personal preference, but also of planning approvals, funding, and so on. Dormer conversions can provide adequate space for at least one room and possibly an en suite. This is a highly wanted feature that most homeowners seek when building an addition. In general, a dormer conversion should allow for the addition of a bedroom and an additional bathroom. You may add a lot of natural light by installing dormer windows or even better, skylights. With enough thought and preparation, you can make a modest en suite appear spacious and opulent. This sort of conversion may provide you with a lot of extra room while remaining affordable and quick to build. Adding a dormer is typically less disruptive to your house, allowing you to live inside while it is being built, which is a significant benefit.

What can we do for your Property in Flackwell Heath?

If you would like to discuss the ways in which a Loft Conversion could enhance your Flackwell Heath home, call us on 0208 1020 675 or email to ask us any questions.