Loft Conversion Taplow

Loft Conversion Taplow

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Many people wanted a new feature in their homes, such as a new study area, an upgraded bedroom for aesthetic people, or even a walk-in closet. So, if you're experiencing trouble with this issue, we at Loft Conversions Company can help you in overcoming it. A loft conversion is a solution; our team of experts will help you transform your dream remodeling into reality.

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At Loft Conversions Company, we design and build several London loft conversions, transforming them into attractive spaces. Some Londoners need more space for a growing family but cannot afford to move. Loft Conversions Company has everything you're looking for in a London loft conversion. Our company's goal is to take as much hassle and stress out of a loft conversion in London as possible. We can handle the whole design and construction process, including all architectural drawings, planning approval, structural calculations, and construction, and we will provide you with a professional Project Manager.

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Loft conversions Company is a reliable and excellent choice for your loft conversion project. Our clients recommend us to others due to our excellent service and high-quality projects. Since our team is well-trained, their work is unquestionably outstanding, which is why so many clients appreciate us.

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Our team understands that no two loft conversions in London are alike, not only because of the diverse selection of property accessible around the city but also because of the unique variety of people, preferences, and lifestyles. We work hard to customize each loft conversion project to the client's demands and include all they may request. 

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Get in touch with us for a free site survey and to get started on your very own customized loft conversion. You can visit some of our finished projects near you and speak with our previous clients to ensure that we have completed hundreds of projects.

Why not contact us today if you think Loft Conversions Company can assist you in transforming your loft or attic space into something truly one-of-a-kind? You may have a loft conversion anywhere in London or Taplow, whether you want one in East London, West London, North London, or South London. Call 0208 1020 675 to reach us. That's how easy it is.


With mansard loft conversions, you may reduce the current roof slope while adding the greatest amount of usable space. This may be done for one or both of the house's slopes. They are replaced with almost vertical roofs, almost like a wall, with a nearly flat roof on top. Because of the adjustments to the roof structure, this conversion style would need the greatest effort and construction time, as well as approval planning. A mansard loft addition essentially adds an extra storey to your property. If you want a vast room and can afford the expenses and time required to develop it, it is a realistic option. You will get the sensation of a regular floor rather than an attic room, as other conversions do. They are commonly used for terraced residences in London. As previously noted, due to the major alterations to the construction and appearance of the home, they will require clearance, and the planning procedure can be time-consuming. You're basically constructing a new roof.


According to the statistics, adding more room to a property through an extension or a loft conversion may increase the value of the home by 20-30%. The property will become more enticing to potential purchasers, especially if you install not just a room but also a bathroom. Or they will enjoy the addition of a home office, especially now that so many people work from home.


One thing you should never overlook is safety, both on the construction site and in the loft, you are creating. Even though your conversion does not require planning clearance, you must nevertheless adhere to building codes. They cover various areas of construction to guarantee that the place you are creating complies with the rules. Any additional roof space developed that is less than 40 cubic meters for terraced dwellings and 50 cubic meters for detached and semi-detached buildings is considered approved development. To demonstrate that your new loft satisfies the regulations, you will need a Building Regulations Completion Certificate. They are utilized while insuring or selling a property. In general, you should have a realistic assessment of the budget, timescale, personnel required to execute the task, approvals needed, technological solutions, and aesthetic standards. Of course, this should not be entirely on your shoulders; you need to engage professionals with expertise in such projects who can do it on time, on budget, and in accordance with all construction regulations.

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